About G. Joseph

G. Joseph’s story is one of increasing regularity in middle-class America.  It is a story of aspirations and dreams, ascent and downfall and, certainly, recovery and rebuilding.  You, Gentle Reader, are fortunate enough to be coming in at the third act.

After graduating from college in 1992, G. Joseph worked tirelessly in pursuit of the American dream.  After years of upward ascent and all of the commensurate trappings of such, G. Joseph was fortunate enough to find himself with a successful practice in the financial industry.  One grave miscalculation, on his part, changed all of that in 2016.  In the cataclysmic fallout of an overplayed hand, G. Joseph found himself plunged headlong into the midst of his own “Great Recession”.  His marriage of 21 years came to an end, his career, as he knew it, was over, his family home was lost and he eventually ended up filing for bankruptcy protection.

The posts contained herein are sometimes remorseful, sometimes reflective, and occasionally humorous but always thoughtful and unflinchingly honest.  These writings, a combination of short narrative vignettes and poetry,  are about redefining life and the eventual road to redemption, whatever that may look like or where it may lead.  They are about the struggles with the inner demons of self loathing, regret and profound sadness but also of hope, reinvention and rebuilding.  As a reader, you are being taken along for the ride as it happens.

Please enjoy and remember that G. Joseph appreciates all comments and critiques.  We are all here to learn, grow and help each other become better at what we do.