Curtain Call


Who is it I should be tonight?

Who is it you wish to see tonight?

Should I be funny? A Scholar? A Liar or Sage?

Let me pull down a mask and I’ll stand on your stage

and show you what I can be

Should I promise tomorrow or only tonight

Perhaps you’ll be gone when I wake to the light

of a new day

to a new play

to someone else pulling my strings

Promising things

Or making me promise things not mine to give

I’d give you my life should I choose still to live

It moves so much faster than I’m able to pace

One moment of failure, a lifetime of disgrace

Digging still deeper

The darkness now covering

My weakness is growing

Scavengers hovering

What is there of value still worthy of taking?

All I cling to is gone

My heart is still breaking

Grasping at shadows, striking out at the air

My sanity slipping while all unaware

Of what I’m becoming or already become

I’m not sure anymore if all damage is done

How could there possibly be more to endure?

My life’s a disease but I can’t find the cure

But I’ll wake yet tomorrow, if I’m up to the task

I’ll look over my choices and pull down a mask

I’ll bury deep down disappointment and rage

I’ll put on a smile, step onto your stage

The curtain will open, you’ll worry no longer

My performance convinces you

I’m getting stronger


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